Social selling

Richard van der Blom
LinkedIn Thought Leader & Trainer, Social & Virtual Selling


09:00 – 12:00 Social selling

  • Why Social Selling is the answer in the modern B2B buying journey (stats & facts)
  • Thought Leadership on LinkedIn as an accelerator for growth
  • How to network on LinkedIn and grow all 9 (!) your communities 
  • All about our successful 5-Step Connection method (on average 20% conversion to leads) 
    • Identify (both in free LinkedIn as Sales Navigator) your Ideal Client Profile
    • Engage (comment strategy, how to find signals)
    • Reach Out (how to find the right hooks)
    • Build Trust (2 strategies to create trust and credibility)
    • Convert (how and when to convert to a business meeting)
  • Relation Based Selling (3 strategies to optimize conversion from your network)
  • 5 Easy to use ways how to identify Buying signals within LinkedIn 


Q&A, oppsummering av læringspunkter.

Sertifiseringen går over 6 moduler og settes opp kun to ganger i året.
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